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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  December 6, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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big storm moving into the area. some of us under a flood watch others a winter storm watch. we have breaking news in silver spring. a woman was stabbed in the parking lot of northwood high school. shomari stone has the latest. >> reporter: that's right we're in this parking lot right now. it is peaceful and quiet but it was anything but an hour ago when a girl was stabbed here. there with a lot of unanswered questions. but here's what we know. let's roll the video. there was a boy's varsity basketball game at northwood high. there were a lot of girls here watching the game. they said you know what let's leave early and go outside. a fight broke out. a girl was stabbed several times. she has nonlife threatening injuries. but police are trying to figure out who stabbed the girl. the six or seven girls were not attending northwood high and
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went to john f. kennedy high school which is about five minutes away. police will have to sort out what happened. that victim is at the hospital. she was transported there around 30 minutes ago. they are going to sit down with her and say what happened? what is your affiliation with these six or seven girls from john f. kennedy high school? do you know who stabbed you? if you don't can you provide information to give us a sketch? they will have to sit down with her and figure this out. the suspect is still on the loose. police are determined to find that person and we will bring you updates on this story on if we find out sometime tonight. live in silver spring i'm shomari stone. back to you. a lot of us could see snow tomorrow. but for most of us a lot of rain. under a flood watch right now.
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>> is it going to be a lot of rain across parts of the area. some locations 1 to 2 inches of rain some areas up to 3 inches. we saw a inch today. just a few light showers in the area. we are warm for this time of year. the current temperature is 57 degrees. but there is a powerful storm starting to take shape now bringing up moisture from the gulf of mexico. you can see the rain right here. look at the snow back to the west. that's the cold air that's making its way in here during the day tomorrow and through tomorrow night. all of russ going to be seeing the heavy rain but some will see snow. we'll have updated snowfall totals coming up in my forecast in a couple minutes. former prince george's county executive jack johnson was sentenced today. he will spend more than seven years in prison for accepting more than $12 million?
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bribes. >> reporter: tonight this house sits empty. it is dark right now but we remember the images of jack johnson walking down this sidewalk being arrested by fbi agents. that was the beginning of his fall from grace. today with his sentencing he hit the bottom, getting the severe sentence of seven plus years behind bars. but we are hearing tonight about the potential impact his actions had on the entire county. jack johnson walked into court with a cane, his lawyers say a result of parkinson's disease part of their argument for leniency. but the federal judge sentenced johnson to seven of 14 years behind bars. >> jack johnson could have been a role model for integrity instead he chose to be a poster child for corruption. >> reporter: he pled guilty in may to shaking down developers and business owners for up to a million dollars in office.
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the fbi recorded one bribe in action. >> i know there are other people who wanted him to get the full 14. there is a sense of anger throughout in the county. people who felt betrayed by the whole thing. >> reporter: glenn ivy ran for office on the ticket with johnson in 2006 and considered him a friend. they spoke in church a month ago. >> i think he feels terrible about what happened and what he's done. at the same time i know that you know, justice had to be done. you know, he needed a -- i think the community needed this county of sentence. >> reporter: the 62-year-old johnson apologized in court today. but ivy said what he did is inexcusable and a damaging setback for the county. >> the economic aspect of it limited development and scared away legitimate developers who were interested in coming and building and helping with growth in the county.
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>> reporter: now ivy says he and the county are ready to move forward and beyond this. that may be easier said than done though. in the sentencing going for the shorter sentence the u.s. attorney said that jack johnson was cooperating with the corruption investigation that is ongoing. there may be more people arrested and more prosecutions before the county can move forward. for now live in mitchellville, back to you. the head of the federal aviation administration resigned after being arrested for drunk driving over the weekend. randy babbitt was pulled over saturday night after being spotted driving the wrong way in fairfax city. he said he was unwilling to let anything to cast a shadow on his colleague's work at the faa. a virginia man who spent 27 years in prison for a series of sexual assaults he didn't commit is now a free man. the court of appeals exonerated
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thomas haynesworth of all charges. he was convicted in attacks dating back to 1984. dna evidence vindicated him in one attack. >> 27 years i never gave up hope. i kept pushing and kept working on my cases. i didn't give up hope. i knew i was innocent from day one. >> he will no longer have to register as a sex offender. his record has been expunged. a man is in jail accused of hiding inside a series store overnight in order to steal money. daniel grant lives in burtsville he was arrested yesterday. police say he posed as a customer on saturday and then snuck around until employees left for night. they say he pried open cash
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regulators and stole cash. he may be behind two burglaries at other series stores. animal activists went to the fairfax county board of supervisors meeting tonight. they want an end to deer hunts out there. they say a program of controlled hunts is causing more harm than good. there is concern that people could be accidentally shot. one woman who spoke said she and her family walk fearfully in the woods after they stumbled upon a dead deer several times. those in favor of the program argue that deer are road hazards and they can transfer disease a humans. harry thomas jr. made a return to the wilson building today for the first time since his home was raided. he sat quietly as the council debated. an ethics bill aims to restrict
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spending and require disclosure and establishes anthices board. the council will vote on the bill in two weeks. a political aide to bob ehrlich faces up to 12 years in prison for violating state election law. a injury convicted him of conspiracy. prosecutors say he tried to suppress black vote during the 2010 elections by using robocalls. the calls went out the 110,000 people in prince george's and baltimore before polls closed. the calls said that martin o'malley already won. penn state university is trying to revamp its image in the wake of the child sex abuse scandal there. the president want the public to see penn state as a public institution not a football factory and wants a center for
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the protection of children to help the victims. at least six of former substantiate coach jerry sandusky's alleged victims are expected to testify at a preliminary hearing next week. the former assistant coach denies charges that he sexually abused eight children. the decision to allow the displays to stay comes after a display of a skeleton in a santa claus suit was displayed yesterday. the board wants to preserve all displays. the capital christmas tree is all lit up. the house speaker flipped on the lights with help from a second grader from california. then after 1:15 the tree went dark for 12 minutes before the
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lights came back on. aides suspect a bad circuit breaker. the 65 foot tree is on the west lawn of the capitol building. it has 3,000 ornaments and 10,000 l.e.d. lights. coming up tonight, police are trying to find out when is passing out antisemetic fliers in neighborhoods in d.c. and north virginia. "a 30 rock" actor kicked off a plane. and how
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some business owners in the district are concerned about whether things might get out of hand tomorrow during national day of action. it's part of the occupy movement and comes after 31 occupy d.c. protesters were arrested over the weekend. tomorrow demonstrators will march to an unnamed lobbying firm, the white house and the supreme court. some business owners are taking precautions because they are worried about damage to their stores and losing money. antisemetic fliers found in d.c. neighborhoods are turning up in other parts of the metro area. jane watrel is in north arlington with more. >> reporter: the fliers turned up a week ago saturday in this neighborhood which is close to mary mount university. now police are involved. >> it's a big piece of paper. it is as you can see, it's just
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chock full of very interesting and false information and it's scary. >> reporter: linda holds a large crude flier containing strange antisemetic messages. the long time resident and at least one of her neighbors discovered the paper lying by their newspapers. >> i have been here since 1985 i have never seen anything that proximates or a hint of anything that comes off this flier. it is just shocking. >> reporter: over the past few days the same crude flyers were found in northwest d.c. in parts of cleveland park and dupont circle. the fliers claim that. jewish people control the world and they have altered the axis of the earth. residents turned the rantings over to d.c. police. >> it is very disconcerting. i think of myself as safe living in a good neighborhood and educated city. we hear of these rantings and
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ravings going on but not here. >> reporter: in arlington police have been contacted and hopper is taking her flier to the anti-defamation league. >> there is nothing on here that a reasonable person could agree with. and it bothers me. it signals a level of intolerance and hatred that is not appropriate. >> reporter: news4 was contacted by a viewer in north tacoma park saying that the same material was in his neighborhood as well. that means the fliers have turned up in maryland, d.c. and virginia. reporting live in arlington, i'm jane watrel. back to you. >> thank you. alec baldwin was kicked off an american airlines flight in los angeles today. he refused to stop playing a game on his phone. he was playing the game words with friends and the flight attendant asked him to turn off
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his device. when he didn't comply he was told to leave the plan. after leaving the plane he posted a picture of a fake game that read let alec play with a score of baldwin one, american airlines zero. the guy behind some of the most popular fitness videos is on a mission to help us avoid workout burnout. beach body produces p90x. the santa monica based company is known for its legion of followers. the ceo says that his secret to success is motivation. >> i don't like to workout. i eat like a second grader. because i'm not a fitness professional and don't love
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eating healthy people can identify with what we do. that is why is it a mass market phenomenon. >> at a time when companies are downsizing, beach body is expanding its staff and jobs. >> our before and after weather was warm and dry and soon we will be cold and wet. >> that is exactly right. and that sums it up. it really is the rain that we have to talk about here. all of us, we are all going to see a lot of rain maybe 1 to 2 inches. some areas up to 2 1/2. we have seen the rain all day today. and right now we are dealing with the cloud cover. drizzle out there right now. no heavy rain. the current temperature is 57 degrees. just incredibly mild for the first week of december. the average high temperature is 50. here we are at 11:00 well above
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that. the temperatures are still in the 60s in gaithersburg, leesburg and culpepper. and up to 64 degrees right now. we may see temperatures rise overnight with the southerly wind. we will see the area of rain move in overnight. gaithersburg, howard county, the district, fairfax and prince william all under a flood watch. we could see 1 to 2 inches of rain here. it won't take much to produce small stream flooding. we will see the potential for localized flooding out there. a winter storm watch in effect to the west in west virginia for the most part. but also the western portions of virginia counties. winter storm watch potentially 3 to 6 inches and we could see a winter weather advisory in loudoun county and maybe montgomery county but back to frederick county, virginia and the panhandle of west virginia
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for 1 to 3 inches of snow there. nothing on the radar right now. but watch what happens when we pan out here. look at all this moisture to the south racing up across the area. it is getting here in a hurry. talk about the timing. 2:00 just a few showers. but about 6:00 a.m. a band of heavy rain around the i-95 corridor it. is going to be wet all day tomorrow. we will see periods of heavy rain throughout the afternoon. at 7:00 very heavy rain. this is 7:00 tomorrow night around rush hour once again. heavy rain around the i-95 corridor and here is the snow on the back end. under midnight here is where the rain/snow line comes around the i-95 corridor. and a brief period of heavy snow there. that's why i think we could see accumulation before it heads out of here by 5:00 on thursday
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morning. rush hour thursday morning i'm not worried about it. let's look at the snowfall forecast. 1 to 2 inches along i-81 and also northern montgomery and howard county. a coating, possible coating including in portions of the district and montgomery county and fairfax county just to the west of i-95. a coating on the grassy surfaces not on the roadways. rain some spots heavy tomorrow. 54 to 59 degrees. falling temperatures in the afternoon. the numbers dip down into the 40s with the rain heavy at times. here's the next couple days showing say good-bye to the warm air and hello to the 40s. we will be where we should be and below average in the weekend. temperatures in the lower 40s. get the coats ready. you're not going to need the shovels though. >> could be interesting tomorrow
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night. >> it will be fun. coming up, ♪ ♪
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skins have a couple big holes to plug up. what do you think? can they do it successfully? >> they are not going to find anybody as good as them. we knew it was coming and this afternoon it became official. davis and williams done for the season. suspended without pay.
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the redskins without two more offensive starters. davis and williams are two of the best on the offense. davis on his way to the most prolific season in redskins history. only two tight ends in the nfl this season have gained more yards than davis. now he enters free agency with a black cloud over his head. one more positive drug test and he is suspended for a year. college hoops now, years past george mason and virginia would be even but the cavaliers have found their groove. uva has upset michigan and creeping to a spot in the top 25. none of that good news for mason tonight. let's go to charlottesville. mason pumped up but they are in a hole in the first half. evans with the ball tipped away. he goes to work in the paint. a baby hook right there.
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virginia takes a lead. later in the first half. mason down by 12. morrison one of three patriots with nine points but no one in double figures. second half, mason down by 13 trying to rally. vonns with the steal takes the distance but mason never a threat in this game. they turned the ball over. evans goes the other way and making it look way too easy. the cavaliers win by 20, 68-48 was the final. the nba released their schedule tonight. the wizards open up at home on the day after christmas. december 26th against new jersey. in baseball, albert pujols will decide tonight if he will accept the marlins contract
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offer worth 200 million plus. the nationals have a shopping list. mark buehrle and a center fielder are on top of the list. davey johnson doesn't thing the nationals are too far off though. >> as far as us making a big splash here, you know, we try to do that to upgrade our club. but i'm comfortable with where we finished up. and i think the young left hander is close to getting up there. and i wouldn't want to make too big a major move and block it for him. but i think our ball club is you know one or two players away from really being a heck of a ball club. >> i hope that's the case. we have been waiting for a while. will the be nice to see the [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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